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16/6 - Mailinglist available (from jonasbn)
Ask has set up a mailing list for discussing The Nordic Perl Workshop (formerly known as Scandinavian Perl Workshop).
The task is to have the workshop take place in Stockholm next year. The list is in english.
Subscribe at

3/6 - Video snippets online
We're still here.
Jesse Vincents RT3 presentation has been made available in the videos section. More to follow eventually.

30/4 - Additional Presentations online
Presentations by Henrik Sandell and Thomas Ammitzbøll-Bach added

28/4 - Additional Presentations online
Presentations by Anton Berezin, Nicholas Clark, Sören M. L. Sörries and jonasbn added

28/4 - Gallery Opened
The Gallery of the Copenhagen Perl Mongers contain a lot of pictures from the SPW, if you have any picture you want to share with us please contact us

28/4 - First Presentations online
The RT presentation by Jesse Vincent and the presentations by Claes Jacobsson have been put online, more material will follow shortly

27/4 - Call for materials
The workshop is over and we would like to ask people for their pictures, slides, thoughts and more - for publication on this website. Please write with your material. If you would like to submit any big files, please contact us for submission details. Thank you.

26/4 - The official part of the workshop is over
Thank you very much for your attendance - and talks! We hope to be able to welcome you in Stockholm next year for: The Scandinavian Perl Workshop 2004 hosted by the Stockholm Perl Mongers. Interesting stuff.
Also some pictures are available. A big thanks to our sponsors and especially DKUUG.

26/4 - Day two of the workshop
Outside it's raining, but inside - the focus is on Perl, as we start on day two.

25/4 - Day one is over
A very successful day with threads, Mason, test, RT, interlanguage communication and imaging (with Prima).
Right now we are busy doing BoFs, codesessions and networking. Check out our webcam (might be closed for the night). And - oh - the tshirts are here!
On a rather unofficial notice - we intend to go to The Globe at 20:00 tonight for a pint and a chat.

24/4 - Registration is closed
We look forward to seeing all you that have registered tomorrow!

23/4 - Sifira official sponsor of SPW

We are VERY happy to announce that Sifira are sponsoring the last of our speakers, this is really a boost to the workshop, thanks again to Sifira - your sponsorship is much appreciated.


23/4 - Bar Night details are up
The event page have been updated

21/4 - Even more facts and details have been added
Please look here if you need more details.

20/4 - Updates
As we are getting closer to the workshop itself, we are working hard to make everything happen smoothly. Unfortunately it's looking like the t-shirts are not going to happen - but we'll keep you posted. The 'Getting There' section has been updated a bit.

15/4 - Page Added
We have a page listing people and organisations which have been helpful to us organizing the workshop

10/4 - Registration is open
Sign up today - it's only DKK 500.

9/4 - Website updated with yet a new speaker and an abstract
One more speaker added to our extensive list, together with an abstract and the programme is coming close to being complete

8/4 - Website updated with a new speaker and an abstract
One more speaker added to our extensive list, together with an abstract and the programme have had a few rearrangements

5/4 - Website updated with Accommodation links
We have updated with some links to two recommandable hotels in Copenhagen, the social event page has also been updated with its first info.

1/4 - Website being updated
More speakers. More abstracts. More information. Feel free to join on to talk and/or complain to us.

12/3 - Website updated
The very first speakers and their abstracts have been put online - together with a preliminary programme. More to follow.

1/3 - LinuxForum over
The Copenhagen Perl Mongers attended the danish LinuxForum one day conference. We hope that we have attracted some attendees and at least spread the word of the Scandinavian Perl Workshop.

23/2 - Website available
Finally we got some content onto the website. Call for papers and participation has been added.

20/2 - Date and location in place
The final dates are 25/4-2003 and 26/4-2003 at the Symbion Science Park, Copenhagen DK.

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