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Here is the current list of accepted abstracts


Using Threads in Perl 5.8(.1) ? - Arthur Bergman
Imaging with Perl - Claes Jacobsson
When perl is not quite fast enough - Nicholas Clark
Testing using Perl - Jonas B. Nielsen
HTML::Mason -- the way PHP should have been - Thomas Ammitzböll-Bach


Interlanguage Communication - Claes Jacobsson
Writing high performance applications in Oracle and Perl - Henrik Johnson
CamelBones Development - Jonas B. Nielsen
Using Perl for large financial applications - Henrik Sandell
A Question of Time - Sören Michael Laird Sörries
Implementing an e-Provisioning System with Perl and LDAP - Sören Michael Laird Sörries
RT: Request Tracker - Jesse Vincent
Many modules, Three Perls and one UNIX - Anton Berezin
Processing in Perl Graphic Applications - Dmitry Karasik


What you need to know about Tie::File - Sören Michael Laird Sörries
Using Net::Perl::SSH to maintain a cluster - Lars G. T. Jørgensen
From CLI to GUI in 5 minutes - Christian Borup

More abstracts on the way.

If you would like to be a speaker on the Scandinavian Perl Workshop, please read the Call For Papers or contact us at <>.

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