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Presentation: A Question of Time, Sören Michael Laird Sörries

Content category:Development in and with Perl
Talk category:Long Talk (60 minutes)
Purpose/goal: Learn about more possibilities for calculating dates and time with Perl. Learn about the traps. Learn about the bugs you maybe would want to fix?

A journey through space and time and Perl, calendars and dates and everything all from Creation to Doomsday. CPAN sports hundreds of Date and time modules and about 80 Calendar modules... what for? Where is all that leading to? Here come the answers.
This talk follows some of them through space and time, starting somewhere near the beginning, focusses on a couple of concise problems of the present, and shows some of the future. It will discuss some more common problems and hint at or show some possible solutions, bemoan some of the not-so-obvious bugs and discuss fields of future work.

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