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Presentation: Image Processing in Perl Graphic Applications, Dmitry Karasik

Content category:Development in and with Perl
Talk category:Presentation (30 minutes)

The toolkits Prima, PDL, and IPA are used to demonstrate perl capabilities in the intersection area between image processing and graphic user interface. Prima is a platform-independent perl graphic toolkit with an object oriented interface. Its features include an extensive set of perl-coded widgets, a wide range of image types and conversion routines, and a visual builder. IPA is an image processing toolkit based on Prima functionality, and provides a set of common two-dimensional operators. PDL is a popular numerical toolkit featuring efficient storage of numerical arrays. It contains a wide spectrum of calculational functionalities, including a set of image processing operators designed to work with two and more dimensional data.

The work illustrates the usage of Prima, IPA, and PDL libraries for image conversion and display.

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