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Lightning Talk: What you need to know about Tie::File, Sören Michael Laird Sörries

Content category:Development in and with Perl
Talk category:Lightning Talk (15 minutes)
Purpose/goal: Everybody should use Tie::File. After this talk, you too will use it.

Want to insert something at the top of a file? Want to modify a file that's larger than your physical memory? Use regex on every line of a file - or only on some lines of it and modify them in place? Insert or remove some lines from the middle? Treat the file as an ordinary array - but without loading it into memory?
Do all this faster and with less memory usage? KISS? (keep it simple, stupid!) That's what Tie::File does for you.

If you would like to be a speaker on the Scandinavian Perl Workshop, please read the Call For Papers or contact us at <>.

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