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Social Events at the Scandinavian Perl Workshop

Bar night Saturday
We are arranging a bar night so that those of us who want to can all meet up on a local bar in Copenhagen, where we can socialize and network and of course drink some beer.

The event will take place at the bar 'Cafe Kong Frederik', so be there around 20:00
Cafe Kong Frederik, Store Kongensgade 91, 1264

Speakers Dinner Saturday
We will arrange a speakers dinner for all the speakers and the people involved in organizing the Workshop.

The dinner will take place at 'Kreta'
Kreta, Jagtvej 59, 2200 København N

For information on social events, please contact us at <>. Thank you!

Copenhagen Perl Mongers   Stockholm Perl Mongers The first Scandinavian Perl Workshop is a joint venture between DKUUG and the Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers. DKUUG

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