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Jesse Vincent, JESSE

Jesse Vincent is the author of RT and the founder of Best Practical Solutions, LLC. Best Practical builds open-source tools to help people and organizations keep track of what needs doing, when it gets done and who does it. Before founding Best Practical, Jesse founded a nonprofit, worked as the Systems lead for a now-defunct dotcom and worked as a software designer at Microsoft. He lives and works in Somerville, MA USA.

RT is an enterprise-grade issue tracking system, used at thousands of companies and institutions around the world. (Bugs in perl are tracked in In this talk, Jesse will present an overview of RT 3.0, released in late march, starting with basic functionality and administration and moving on to more advanced topics, including customization and integration with other tools. He will discuss strategies for bringing RT into your organization, and how RT can make your life better if you do. This talk doesn't assume user familiarity with RT or issue tracking in general, but will likely cover new material, even for seasoned RT users.

Presentation: RT: Request Tracker


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