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Nicholas Clark, NWCLARK

Nicholas Clark has been playing with computers off and on for about 20 years, although he did geology and then geophysics at university. He first started using Perl to process data between stages of a C++ program, then got sucked in making a better port of Perl to RISC OS, before finally getting trapped beyond the event horizon as a core porter. After escaping student life, he worked for several firms, mainly programming Perl until they went insolvent. Recently he's been working as a C and C++ programmer for a market research firm, which obviously means that he tries to spend most of his time writing tests for his C code using Perl. Having wrangled a unix desktop at each successive employer for over 3 years he doesn't see why he should stop now. To make up for his first 3 CPAN modules being pure C, and the 4th being Perl code to generate C, he resolves to write more Acme:: modules in future.

Tutorial: When perl is not quite fast enough

If you would like to be a speaker on the Scandinavian Perl Workshop, please read the Call For Papers or contact us at <>.

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