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20/05/2004 - See you next year
See you in Stockholm!

29/03/2004 - First slides available
The first slides/presentations have been made available.

28/03/2004 - On the finishing line
Some pictures have made it online.
Thank you for a great workshop!

28/03/2004 - Changes to day two programme
Start Talk Room
9:00 Ponie - Perl on new internal engine M2
9:00 Getting Started with the CPAN M4
9:30 Courier: Messaging in Perl with Spread M2
9:30 Getting Started with Perl M4
10:00 Break
10:15 My Coding Guidelines M2
10:15 Documenting Perl scripts and modules with POD M4
11:00 Break
11:15 Using Perl for iCalendar manipulation M2
11:15 Prima: Perl GUI Toolkit M4
12:00 Lunch
13:00 perl 5 Development - the development of Perl M2
14:00 Break
14:10 Lightning talks M2

27/03/2004 - Bar Night Saturday
The bar night will take place at 'Bryggeriet Apollo' (The Apollo Brewery) in the center of Copenhagen - see Social Events for details.

27/03/2004 - Day one over
See you tomorrow. Remember to correct for the upcoming Daylight Savings change.

24/03/2004 - Early Bird Bar Night
The early bird bar night will take place at 'The Globe' an english pub in the center of Copenhagen - see Social Events

23/03/2004 - Speakers Dinner
Speakers dinner now arranged. It will take place saturday at 19:00 after the BOFs - see Social Events

23/03/2004 - Registration Closed
Registration has now been closed.

13/03/2004 - Registration period prolonged
We have extended the registration period until the 22nd. of March 2004 (midnight). So you can still register.

09/03/2004 - Teleca Sponsors Pens and Paper
Swedish Teleca are sponsoring pens and paper for all attendees at the workshop.

08/03/2004 - LinuxForum over. Wiki available
The danish LinuxForum conference is over. We hope to have attracted a few attendees. Also, on Claes' request we have made an attendee Wiki available.

04/03/2004 - NPW at LinuxForum 2004
Just as last year, the Copenhagen Perl Mongers will be represented at the danish LinuxForum conference, beeing held this weekend. We aim to spread the word about the Nordic Perl Workshop 2004 and hopefully again attract a few attendees. And remember, the registration is closing in just over two weeks. So get your tickets now!

26/02/2004 - We welcome Jobindex as a new sponsor
Jobindex have joined the list of sponsors for the workshop. We thank Jobindex for helping in making this a better workshop.

24/02/2004 - Preliminary programme available
You have been asking for it, and here it is. The preliminary programme is online. Feel free to join on to talk and/or complain to us.

19/02/2004 -  Speakers
Speakers. Lots of speakers. At this years Workshop we proudly present 4 Perl pumpkings:

  • Arthur Bergman, pumpking for the Ponie project, which he will also present at the workshop
  • Leon Brocard, pumpking for Perl 5.005, he will give a talk on Perls development together with some of the other pumpkings.
  • Nicholas Clark, pumpking for Perl 5.8
  • Richard Clamp, pumpking for Perl 1

A part from the 4 pumpkings we have speakers who will present Perls many aspects and uses...

19/02/2004 -  Abstracts now online
The abstracts are now online, we have a nice line-up this year and it looks very promising for the upcoming workshop. Speaker presentations and the last few abstracts will be online ASAP.

17/02/2004 -  We welcome Adapt as a new sponsor
Adapt have joined us as a sponsor and will be sponsoring us financially. Thanks to Adapt. Adapt logo

16/02/2004 -  We welcome yet a new sponsor
Novo Nordisk have joined us as a sponsor and will be sponsoring us financially.
Also a big thanks to Novo Nordisk.
Novo Nordisk logo

10/02/2004 -  We welcome a new sponsor
Casalogic have joined us as a sponsor and will be sponsoring us financially.
A big thanks to Casalogic.
Casalogic logo

09/02/2004 -  Price Update
The registration currently costs 400,- DKK including VAT, this will be the price until the 22nd. of february where the early bird registration ends and the price will become 500,- DKK including VAT until registration closes.

The registration is available here, so register today.

07/02/2004 - The Registration is now open
The registration is available here, the price for two days of Perl including lunch is 400,- DKK.

01/02/2004 - We welcome Sifira back as our first official sponsor
Sifira sponsored the Scandinavian Perl Workshop last year and is again this year sponsoring the Workshop, we are most happy to have them as sponsors.
We need sponsors of all sizes and sorts, please see the sponsor information page.
Sifira logo

11/01/2004 - Introductory track planned
We are planning to have an introductory track aiming at beginners and people who want to have their basic Perl polished off. The Call for Papers have been updated with this information and speakers are asked to indicate a difficulty level of the contents of their submissions.

16/12/2003 - Website available
Finally we got some content onto the website. Call for Papers is out.

11/12/2003 - Date and location in place
The final dates are 27/3-2004 and 28/3-2004 at the Symbion Science Park, Copenhagen DK.

Copenhagen Perl Mongers   Stockholm Perl Mongers The Nordic Perl Workshop is a joint venture between DKUUG and the Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers. DKUUG

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