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The Nordic Perl Workshop 2004 Abstract

PBS: A build system for complex systems (Nadim ibn Hamouda El Khemir)

120 minutes, Advanced, in English

As systems get more complex, build system get difficult to maintain and even develop. "gmake" is still holding despite its venerable age. Many new systems have emerged, including systems written in perl. We'll look at complex system demands and one of the solution used at CTechnologie (Anoto group) solution to build its OS.


  • PBS
  • Introduction
  • Gmake's power
  • Ending the reign
  • Gmake's problems
  • Other build systems
  • Rule based systems
  • "Smart" systems
  • Perl anyone?
  • Army of darkness
  • Introduction to pbs. pbs is PBS is Perl is PBS
  • Architecture
  • Switch extravaganza
  • More environment control
  • Pbsfile
  • PBS is Rule based
  • Dependers
  • Depender Anatomy
  • Simplified Depender
  • Enough! Give me perl back!
  • Builders
  • Argument to builder
  • Re-using rules: PbsUse
  • Meta rules
  • Built-in Rules void
  • What about my C files?
  • Dynamic rules definition
  • Configuration
  • Nodes
  • Cyclic dependencies
  • Repositories
  • Separating source from output
  • Hierarchical builds
  • Magnus Ladulås
  • Overriding
  • Digests
  • Tuning digests
  • Cross Compilation
  • Parallel build
  • Triggers
  • Other possible uses
  • Boilerplate wizardry
  • Documenting your build system
  • Sensible output
  • Taking control (if you dare)
  • Let's build
  • Keep quiet
  • Debugging
  • Serious Visualization
  • How did I get there?
  • Debugging hooks*
  • Take us to Warp 1 Mr Sulu
  • Warp 2?
  • Peeping at the code
  • Future development

For information on the Workshop, please contact us at <>. Thank you!

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