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The Nordic Perl Workshop 2004 Programme

UPDATED: Check Sunday programme on the front page.

Preliminary schedule
This is the (almost) final schedule for the Nordic Perl Workshop 2004.

Saturday 27. Sunday 28.
NPW schedule Welcome Benchmarking Whip-up-ability Break Build System Development DBI introduction Break Parsing delimited, separated and balanced strings Keeping your DNS sane with Perl Lunch We Hates Software MP3 and Perl Introduction to Class::DBI AudioFile::Identify::MusicBrainz Break PSB - a build system for complex systems Expanding Perl with C - an introduction Break PBS - a build system for complex systems - PART 2 CPAN - Odds and ends of perl cross-referencing BOFS Good Morning Ponie - Perl on new internal engine Documenting Perl scripts and modules with POD Courier: Messaging in Perl with Spread Getting started with Perl Break YAPC::Taipei lightning-talk session My Coding Guidelines Break Magic de-mystified - what the wizards dont want you to know Getting started with the CPAN Lunch Using Perl for iCalendar manipulation Prima: Perl GUI toolkit Break Perl 5 development Break Lightning talks BOFs

Program subject to change.
2004/03/22 - No other changes yet. This is the official schedule.
2004/03/04 - 'Using Perl for iCalendar manipulation' and 'Keeping your DNS sane with Perl' switched places.

For information on the Workshop, please contact us at <>. Thank you!

Copenhagen Perl Mongers   Stockholm Perl Mongers The Nordic Perl Workshop is a joint venture between DKUUG and the Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers. DKUUG

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