Nordic Perl Workshop 2004

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The Nordic Perl Workshop 2004 Thanks

Thank You!
The people behind Nordic Perl Workshop would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their support in making possible to have the workshop.

  • DKUUG, for again this year helping making it possible to have a Perl workshop in our region of the world
  • BSD-DK, for letting us announce our workshop on their announce list
  • SSLUG, for mentioning us in their newsletter
  • All the speakers for submitting papers
  • Adapt, Casalogic, Jobindex, Novo Nordisk, Sifira and Teleca for sponsoring us

For information on the Workshop, please contact us at <>. Thank you!

Copenhagen Perl Mongers   Stockholm Perl Mongers The Nordic Perl Workshop is a joint venture between DKUUG and the Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers. DKUUG

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